How To Gain More Real Followers On Instagram

If you are looking for ways to get more likes and followers on Instagram , you will definitely find a method you like.

It’s not always easy to get new followers and many likes on our photos and this is why it is possible to buy or to exchange free .

Here are some tips and tricks for having more followers and likes on Instagram.

To be active

For more followers on Instagram will require you mainly be active (it also works for other social networks). /free-instagram-followers-likes/ You do not need to constantly have before your phone or computer, only a few minutes each day or every 2 days as you prefer and maintain your account, add new content to make it more alive.

Here are several tips that I can give you and that will help you acquire new subscribers on Instagram:

  • Regularly share photos , whether photos of you, your next concert of your new album etc … In my blog, I could for instance share photos of my articles and redirect people to my blog in the description Of the latter.
  • Follow / Followers to other users hope they will do the same. This technique is very used on Twitter and it is true that it works quite well.
  • Comment and likes pictures of influential / known people , for example if you made the music you can comment / liker pictures of Dj’s singers etc …
  • Start the conversation by responding to comments that your followers have left you.
  • Fill in your profile : name, first name, website if you have one, biography (important if you want to let you know).
  • Use #hashtags and especially those who are in your field. You can also use the most popular hashtags like #FOLLOW or #followme (there are about 260 million photos just with these two tags).
The advantage of being active is this loyalty of your followers and it allows you to attract new ones who follow you willingly . This way you will get quality followers.

Buy followers

You have the possibility to buy followers on different websites, it is not a solution that I recommend, but here are some sites that offer this service:
You can also find other sites of the genre by typing “buy followers” or “buy followers” on google.
Warning: This method (buy followers) does not necessarily bring you interested followers, I would even say little interested followers and if they are not active, they will not serve you much. Of course if you buy 25,000 Followers you will seem more serious but it will cost you an arm (about 100 to 200 € depending on the sites). Honestly, I do not recommend this method because it is not profitable enough and moreover I created my blog in order to make you money and not to spend it.

Application followers Instagram

You can find full of applications that provides services Followers of exchange * by typing “Instagram Followers” on iTunes or Google Play. Here are some that are among the best known:

* This is not really a direct exchange of followers with this or that person, but mostly you have to follow people or liker pictures to earn points that you then will exchange Against followers or likes. The advantage is that it’s free!

Get Followers for Instagram

Get Followers for Instagram is an iPhone application to obtain Followers and likes free, it will allow you to quickly get a lot of followers, users are very satisfied with this app! You can download it on iTunes by clicking here  !

You will need to log in to your Instagram account via the application and then you can subscribe to full profiles, which will earn you coins that you will exchange against followers or likes. The big advantage highlighted by users is that when you order likes or followers you receive more than what you requested.

+ Followers for Instagram

Followers + for Instagram is an application available on iPhone and Android that will allow you to get free followers but not that!

This application offers a track of your followers , you will see who your best or your worst subscribing, you will also see who is following you more, your secret admirers, the phantom accounts etc … You will have access to statistics such as I mean loves photography and much more …

Here is the link for version Iphone  and the version for Android !


Follow4Follow is an application for iPhone that will allow you either to earn points and redeem them against the likes / followers directly buying likes / followers.
There are no other functionalities on the application but it is sufficient because the users are satisfied. Click here to download the app on iTunes.

What you should remember

You must be aware that the followers of purchases will bring you almost no “true followers” most of the time they are either fake accounts or non-targeted. To the limit it can be a solution to appear more serious (popular) in the eyes of other users in order to convince them more easily and benefit from the “sheep” effect.

For exchanges of followers and likes, you will have more “real followers” , ie that there will be a little less fake accounts but your future followers will not be not French or do not share the same Interests you. There are some sites or applications that will allow you to target your future followers.

Being active is the best methods to get quality followers because it is they who choose to follow you, they will be interested in your future pictures and will certainly French.

Afterwards it is up to you to see what really interests you, to have a few less followers but to have followers of qualities or have thousands of followers who do not even exist, who are not French or who do not Are not interested in you.

What do you think ? Do you use shopping or likes and followers for Instagram or other social networks? Do not hesitate to share your opinion!

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